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of the Schuylkill County Wine Festival & the Hegins Park

Local winery owners were aware of the beautiful Hegins Park and its outstanding facilities. They met with members of the Park Association and a representative of the Schuylkill County Visitors Bureau to discuss the feasibility of a County Wine Festival. Enthusiastic Park Association Leadership took this great opportunity in cooperation with the Schuylkill County Visitors Bureau to establish the First Annual Schuylkill County Wine Festival held September 6, 2009. The weather was perfect and the people arrived. Over 1500 enthusiastic wine tasters enjoyed the samples of 6 Wineries and enjoyed delicious foods throughout the afternoon. Entertainment was enjoyed and the event was deemed a huge success.

The 2nd Schuylkill County Wine Festival was held Labor Day weekend, September 5, 2010. More wineries, more food and food vendors, outstanding local entertainment and a beautiful Park will set the scene for an old fashioned picnic with family and friends reminiscent of days gone by.


The Hegins Park Association appreciates the opportunity to provide their facility and to share the small town charm of the Hegins Park, established in 1865.

The Hegins Park was established in 1865, back in the day of the Horse and Buggy. Trustees were elected from Religious, Fraternal and Social organizations to make up the Hegins Park Association that continues to oversee the care and upkeep of the Park. Pavilions, Seats, Dining Room, Kitchen and Refreshment buildings were constructed in the 1930’s. Water, Electricity and Playground equipment was installed. Funds were never solicited from businesses or private individuals. Fund raising was planned by the Park Association and has taken many forms through the years. This included the Hegins Homecoming, Band Concerts, and the Labor Day Pigeon Shoots, which kept the Park in outstanding condition through many years.

Today the Park provides 5 Ball fields, Volleyball, Tennis, and Basketball courts, various Pavillions, 2 Stages with seating, adequate parking, and spacious grounds with shaded areas and sunny fields. The town pool is adjacent to the Park. Many organizations rent the Park. The Hegins Fire Company holds a Carnival in the Park. There are Car Shows, Craft Shows, Community Day Events, Family Reunions, Wedding Receptions, Class Reunions, a Halloween Fun Day, Baseball and Softball Tournaments, Youth teams practice and many family and community group picnic. Upkeep and maintenance of this facility is vital and fund raising is a constant concern.

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